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It is critical to have a Business Continuity strategy to protect your business from dealing with a damaged reputation, legal liabilities, extensive expenses, loss of productivity, upset customers, and more. From a successful cyberattack to a natural disaster to a simple power outage your network can be down and cause possible data loss. Investing in Business Continuity solutions can initially have a higher cost than predicted; however, building a strong plan with the right technology enables your business to rapidly recover from an unexpected situation or unplanned event.


It is Safe to have my data offsite?

We know that your business data is valuable to your continued operations. Data Backups are encrypted copies of your data to a local or cloud storage, meaning your data is encapsulated in a protected cell from your devices to the destined storage and providing compliance with industry regulations.


i5 Networks offers data backup, recovery, and business protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments, all within a single platform. The backups are verified that they will boot with all your business data intact and that it will be free from ransomware. To determine the best Business Continuity plan for your business, we will conduct an assessment to identify the conditions of your IT infrastructure, where your data is stored and what are the risk levels in terms of unexpected situations or unplanned events, and what are the critical applications, data, and resources necessary to the business operations for priority recovery.

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