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Cloud technology can impact your business towards success or failure. For positive results, the planning must start with the people, their understanding of the cloud, and how it will facilitate the business processes when each person places their efforts in doing the right thing. It’s a mindset that needs to be shifted and sometimes it will take a little longer than expected. Without the business leaders and staff working together, planning through the deadlines, and having patience, the final product may not be as you envisioned.

Organize to Size

Before finding an IT Service Provider to partner with, ensure you know your current internal processes if they need to be reviewed, updated, or recreated. If the standards and organization of your business’ departments are not in the level you desire, it will reflect that exact image into your cloud infrastructure, and you do not want your project to become a nightmare.


Data Safety

It is important to understand that having your business in the cloud provides work flexibility and fast access to your data; however, remember that the cloud is a physical location on someone else’s network, and it is important to know the cloud platform you are migrating to. Cloud Solutions provide failover resources between servers. Your data may be distributed between 1 or 3 servers for safety, but it does not mean you should assume you do not need your own data backup solution and disaster recovery plan.



It is important to consider the data compliance requirements for your business industry before planning for your cloud IT environment. You may need to add specific integrations and security to keep your business in compliance.


Knowledge before choosing

If cloud technology is something new to you or it still does not make much sense, contact us and we will assist you in understanding and deciding on the best options for your business.


i5 Networks partner with a team of experts that can assess your current IT Infrastructure and identify the requirements and resources needed to deliver a cost-effective, scalable, reliable, and secure cloud solution.  By managing and monitoring your cloud infrastructure, we automate streamline processes and orchestrate your cloud migration and deployment to create an organized environment that is easy for you and your staff members to work with.

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