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Why Choose
i5 Networks?

Founded in 2016, i5 Networks is a Texas-based company committed to the Word of God, our Employees, our Vendors, our Customers, and our Community. As an IT Managed Services Provider or MSP, we focus on providing comprehensive high-quality IT Services to our community. Our solutions are customized to provide cost-effective optimization to your IT Infrastructure and keys to support mission-critical systems and disaster recovery.


Our mission is to assist you and your staff in effectively utilizing your systems’ resources and extending the availability, scalability, and security of your data. While placing our hearts in serving above servicing, we deliver efficient solutions to resolve your technologies’ concerns while investing in your success.


Our vision is to support businesses to become innovative and provide a stress-free environment to their employees by transforming the technology at their workplace and providing resources that assist them in accomplishing their tasks easily and effectively. We should be focused on working smarter and allowing us more time to spend with our families and friends. The people we employ are the key to our business success.

Core Values


We believe that our clients are purposely connected to our company with expectation that we can meet their technology services and resources needs. This expectation comes from both ways, our clients want to be served with excellence and we want to see our clients’ success in what we can provide and assist with.



Introducing new ideas and ways for our clients to experience improved performance in their businesses’ operations is one of the things we enjoy doing it. Either implementing new processes, services, or products, our goal is to help businesses to improve their net income.



By consistently behaving responsibly, honestly, and taking ownership of our services results, our team builds trustworthy relationship with our clients. We monitor and managed specific technology performance indicators that allow for us to effectively assist our clients’ businesses operations planning and results.



Creating working conditions in our clients’ business environment where their employees can explorer new options and ways to complete their daily job responsibilities, empowers them to develop their skills, and take initiative to exploit their ability to learn technology.

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