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Data Security

Data is one of the most valuable assets of your business, and it is built with a cost through time and dedication. Data Security and Protection are beyond simple antivirus, it is an Advanced Security Solution that includes different tools to deliver complete systems protection. Infrastructure and data protection goals are availability (uninterrupted access), integrity (no data tampered with), and confidentiality (authorized access). Understanding the current vulnerabilities within your IT Infrastructure and addressing them now will help ensure the protection of your business.


IT Reputation and Clients Retention

A cybersecurity threat not only targets your business information but all the clients you serve. Working with a trusted Managed IT Services Provider or MSP that not only discerns the tools and resources needed to protect your business but can relay understanding on how to stay connected and remain protected to you and your team, is an important consideration. As you protect your business and comply with your industry’s laws and regulations, you can market your Security Compliance and gain the trust of current and new clients.

i5 Networks enforces Security Best Practices for our staff and all our clients. Business reputation is built with years of commitment and hard work; a Data Breach can destroy all of that in an instant.


Securing your Business

Even if you are a Small Business, you should have defined rules in place on who can access what and how. An Employee does not need to have administrator rights over their OS Systems and mostly access to only data that pertains to their role in the company. By creating internal policies and procedures, you have taken the first step in building an edge of protection around your company’s and client’s information.


Securing your IT environment

It does not have to be complicated to protect your business. There are many tools in the market that will strengthen the security of your business information in different areas. Securing and protecting your operating systems with endpoint protection, your mail server with email protection against spam, phishing, malicious attachments and links, your systems’ applications with cybersecurity agents to monitor and stop malicious systems activities, and patch and updates management. As an MSP, i5 Networks can build efficient security solutions for your business and manage them all in one place.


Security Education and Training

As 95% of all cybersecurity issues can be traced back to human error, providing your IT Infrastructure’s users targeted, threat-guided training will help them to know what to do when faced with a real threat situation. An adequate security training will tailor cybersecurity education that targets the vulnerabilities, roles, and competencies of the company’s users.

  • It will make it easy and effective for users to understand and learn through knowledge assessments and phishing simulation tests that are driven by threat intelligence programs.

  • It will help to change unsafe behavior by focusing on users’ needs and their areas of weakness.

  • It will measure the users’ cybersecurity training performance and benchmark their success against industry peers by capturing the metrics like email accuracy rates, click rates, and reporting rates of both simulated and real-world attacks.


Software & Hardware Maintenance

Proper hardware and software are important to ensure applied security measures will work as expected. Cyber attackers will take advantage of outdated and compromised chips, microprocessors, or microelectronics, that construct your workstations, networked peripherals, servers, switches, and firewalls. Keep your hardware and software updated by reviewing your asset conditions every year, to ensure your company adheres to key industry cybersecurity standards, such as GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST, and HIPAA, digital certificates, encryption, hashing, and other security features.

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